Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has criticised the actions of unscrupulous individuals undermining the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) scheme, stating that they are hindering the goal of achieving universal healthcare for Kenyans.

He highlighted the involvement of cartels in the medical insurance business, who are motivated by their own interests rather than the welfare of the national scheme.

Mudavadi warned individuals that Kenya operates as a free-market country, urging them to compete fairly by reducing their inflated charges instead of disrupting the government’s commitment to providing universal healthcare.

He acknowledged the country’s resource constraints but emphasized the need for the prudent management of scarce public resources.

Speaking at the launch of pediatric ophthalmology and training centers at Sabatia Eye Hospital, Vihiga County, Mudavadi underscored the importance of prioritizing the management of the health sector.

He echoed the sentiments of Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha, who assured that delays in the disbursement of NHIF funds have been resolved.

Nakhumicha emphasized her commitment to combating corruption in the health sector, stressing that public resources must be utilized effectively.

Mudavadi also called on the CS to take action against any mismanagement of public resources that could undermine the health sector.

Expressing concern over unethical practices, Mudavadi denounced hospitals that inflate charges on NHIF bills for substandard treatment.

Mudavadi also criticized the diversion of medicines meant for government health facilities to private pharmacies with links to the staff, emphasizing the need to address this conflict of interest.