The Kenya Institute of Primate Research (KIPRE), under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, has inaugurated the African Snakebite Alliance (ASA), a groundbreaking initiative uniting countries such as Kenya, Eswatini, Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda, and the United Kingdom. The primary objective of ASA is to tackle the pressing issue of snakebite envenoming (SBE) across Africa by devising locally adapted solutions.

Given that the Ministry of Health currently expends approximately one billion shillings annually on snakebite treatment, ASA seeks to spearhead the development of region-specific vaccines and enhance policies and practices for managing snakebites effectively.

The launch of ASA signifies a concerted collaborative endeavor involving Ministries of Health, local stakeholders, international organizations, and donor partners. Together, these entities aim to formulate comprehensive strategies and mobilize resources to combat SBE effectively throughout the African continent.

Among the key stakeholders involved in this initiative are the Kenya Institute of Primate Research, the World Health Organization in Kenya, the World Health Organization (WHO), Amref Health Africa in Kenya, the Rwanda Biomedical Center, and the Eswatini Antivenom Foundation. This diverse coalition underscores the collective commitment to addressing the critical health challenge posed by snakebite envenoming in Africa.