Jubilee Health Insurance Customers can access virtual medical services amidst COVID-19

With the effects of COVID-19 already taking a toll on Kenyans especially on restriction of movement, Jubilee Insurance has introduced a convenient virtual video consultation services through the SASADoctor online platform.

To enable this, customers are required to download the App from the Android App Store, key in their details and thereafter be able to remotely connect with doctors on a 24hrs basis. Customers who hold the Jubilee Wellness Cards will access the consultation services for free while non-customers can access the service for as low as low as Kshs. 495/=.

Through this service, customers will be able to get assistance on over 60% of the most common conditions that include: Diarrhea and vomiting, colds and coughs, urine infections, rashes and allergies, chronic conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol, depression and anxiety, menstrual problems, skin and eye problems, malaria and tuberculosis.

With free consultation, Jubilee Health Insurance General Manager Dr. Patrick Gatonga noted that customers are now being given an opportunity to access medical services in the most affordable way. “We are seeing a situation where majority of Kenyans are spending a considerable amount of time at home. This means that bringing virtual medical services closer to them through technology will assist them to lead healthier lives and become more productive,” he said.

The live face to face medical consultation will result in an assessment, diagnosis and if necessary, a signed prescription; a requisition for investigation; a signed sick note or a referral to a specialist.

What customers are required to do is to simply download the App on the Google Play Store and key in their details. Upon registration, customers will be able to access the services of a doctor using a free coupon code that will be sent to them.

“Patient management comes in handy with such a platform and that is why we are giving both the doctors and the patients an avenue to engage freely throughout their sickness period,” Said James Githinji, the Digital Lead for SasaDoctor.

Patients will have a record of their past medical history, medications, investigations, and doctors’ visit notes on their SasaDoctor App on their phone. The App also enables third party engagement where a person other than the principal member has access to medical services even while working from home.

Through close monitoring, patients are able to adhere to doctor guidelines to prevent readmission. They are also able to use the app to rate their healthcare providers, thereby improving patient satisfaction levels and suggesting areas of improvement.

With the reality that the COVID-19 pandemic has the possibility of overwhelming our healthcare system, Jubilee Health Insurance recognizes that telemedicine

offers the opportunity to minimize hospital visits for patients who may not need to be at the hospital. It is therefore imperative to note that fighting COVID-19 calls for concerted efforts, and the partnership with SasaDoctor is one of such noble initiatives.

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