Nairobi — The Ministry of Health on Wednesday reported the country’s COVD-19 infection rate at 12.4 per cent, after 4,060 samples were tested.

The new cases were distributed across the counties of Nairobi (334), Kilifi (84), Nakuru (21), Kiambu (20) and Kajiado (6).

The number of confirmed cases registered in the country since March 2020 stood at 194,310.

The Ministry of Health said 769 patients had recovered from the disease, including 523 under home-based care and 246 from various health facilities across the country.

Total recoveries stood at 183,980.

The number of COVID-linked deaths in the country rose to 3,811 after 11 late death reports were filed from audit records in the months of April, May and July.

There were 1,253 patients admitted in various health facilities countrywide, while 3,966 were under home-based care.

As of July 20, a total of 1,636,475 vaccines had been administered across the country. Of these first doses totaled 1,040,665 while second stood at 595,810.

The proportion of fully vaccinated adults was reported at 2.2 per cent.

On Wednesday COVID-19 vaccine makers BioNTech and Pfizer said they had found a South African partner to produce their jab on the African continent for the first time, the AFP reported.

The move came amid growing criticism on vaccine inequality that had seen poor countries fall behind richer ones in the race to protect people from the coronavirus.

Under the agreement, Cape Town-based Biovac will complete the last step in the manufacturing process of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, known as “fill and finish”, the companies said in a statement.

The project will take time to get off the ground however, with the first African-finished Pfizer vaccines not expected before 2022.

Once up and running, Biovac is set to churn out more than 100 million doses annually that will be distributed to the 55 countries in the African Union.

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